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ISBN-10 0131739840ISBN-13 9780131739840
ISBN-10 0131739859ISBN-13 9780131739857
Author(s): Mark Krause; Daniel Corts
Publisher: Pearson
Copyright year: © 2012 Pages: 784

Modeling Scientific Literacy

Students are inundated with many disparate pieces of information and they typically lack a skill set or strategy for making sense of this information. Psychological Science was developed with this type of student, and with instructors who teach psychology as a highly relevant, modern science, in mind.    

To ensure that scientific literacy is at the core, content and features are organized around a scientific literacy model asking students

o        What do we know about this?

o        How can science help to explain this?

o        Can you evaluate alternate explanations?

o        Why is this relevant?

All aspects of the book–from the topics covered, learning objectives, quizzes and other features–are developed to provide students with a more systematic way to categorize the overwhelming amount of information they are confronted with, and to cultivate their curiosity and help them understand the relevance, practicality and immense appeal of psychological science.