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ISBN-10 0132161133ISBN-13 9780132161138
ISBN-10 0137010591ISBN-13 9780137010592
Author(s): David M. Levine; David F. Stephan
Publisher: FT Press
Copyright year: © 2010 Pages: 384

Even You Can Learn Statistics, 2nd Ed. is the easiest guide to using statistics in your everyday work or study. Experienced educators David Levine and David Stephan teach statistics hands-on, in plain English, with as little math and as many revealing examples as possible. Levine and Stephan define each concept and technique in plain English, and then explain why it's important, when it's used, and how you can apply it yourself. This Second Edition is fully-updated with new examples that designed to be easily worked with Microsoft Excel, the free Calc spreadsheet program, or any TI-83 compatible calculator. This new edition also adds detailed problems and worked solutions at the end of every chapter, along with a library of updated multiple choice questions that help you quickly test and build your knowledge. It contains more Excel and guidance, as well as an entirely new chapter on multiple regression, the powerful statistical tool for understanding the relationship between several independent variables in applications ranging from business to science. If you do want to understand statistics' deeper mathematical foundations, optional "Equation Blackboard" sections illuminate the equations at work beneath many of today's most crucial statistical techniques. Along the way, Levine and Stephan also help you overcome common misconceptions about statistics, so you can use any statistical method more confidently and successfully.

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