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ISBN-13 9780132489461ISBN-10 0132489465
ISBN-10 0137083645ISBN-13 9780137083640
Author(s): Inder Sidhu
Publisher: FT Press
Copyright year: © 2010 Pages: 224

Over the past seven years, in a highly unstable global economy, Cisco doubled revenue, tripled profits, and quadrupled earnings per share. How? By Doing Both.

When companies face key strategic decisions, they often take one path–and abandon the other. They focus on innovation and new business at the expense of core businesses–or vice versa. They stress discipline and sacrifice flexibility. They focus on customers and ignore partners.

And they struggle.

Cisco believes there is a better way: doing both.

Doing Both means approaching every decision as an opportunity to seize, not a sacrifice to endure. It means avoiding false choices, reduced expectations, and weak compromises. It means finding ways to make each option benefit and mutually reinforce the other.

In this book,Cisco Senior Vice President Inder Sidhu explains why “doing both” is today’s best strategy. Then, drawing on Cisco’s hard-won insights and the experiences of companies like Procter & Gamble, Whirlpool, and Harley-Davidson, Sidhu presents a complete blueprint for “doing both” in your company, too. 

Win by Doing Both!

·         Sustaining and Disruptive Innovation

·         Existing and New Business Models

·         Optimization and Reinvention

·         Satisfied Customers and Gratified Partners

·         Established and Emerging Countries

·         Doing Things Right and Doing What Matters

·         Superstar Performers and Winning Teams

·         Authoritative Leadership and Democratic Decision Making