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ISBN-13 9780132563994ISBN-10 0132563991
ISBN-10 0132563592ISBN-13 9780132563598
Author(s): René Boyer; Michon Rozmajzl
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
Copyright year: © 2012 Pages: 408

Designed for prospective teachers without extensive music backgrounds, this market-leading text provides both a thorough overview of the basic elements of music and a clear sequence of instructional steps that allows readers to participate in the same learning process they will later use as teachers.

Hallmark features of the text include: the nine National Standards cued to each teaching strategy, information on the most current thinking in music education, a balanced representation of songs, and Specialized Areas addressed with clarity and comprehensiveness. Packaged with an audio CD for use with the lessons, the text continues to be written in such a way that, once students leave the college classroom, they can easily use the text package as a resource handbook with their own students, without continued music specialist assistance and.