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ISBN-13 9780132566025ISBN-10 0132566028
ISBN-10 0132565994ISBN-13 9780132565998
Author(s): Keith Polette
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
Copyright year: © 2012 Pages: 192

The ideal springboard to teaching grammar, this book is designed to help teachers of grades four through twelve teach students to learn to recognize, and then consciously use in their writing, 16 essential grammatical elements: seven parts of speech, six phrases, and three clauses. The flexible approach lets teachers tailor lessons based on their students’ particular needs.

In this streamlined version of the first edition, author Keith Polette stresses the importance of teaching students “less” so that they learn “more.” Rather than overwhelming students with too many structures, constructions, and rules, the book’s goal is simplification: What are the essential elements of grammar that students need to learn to use to become better writers?

English written language is composed of 16 elements–the foundational pieces of grammar, the bones of grammar–that students need to learn to use consciously so they can make writing work effectively for them. Teaching Grammar through Writing focuses on these 16 elements–seven parts of speech, six phrases, and three clauses–and shows teachers how to begin by helping students identify and use these elements in both the prewriting and revision stages of the writing process.

The book begins with ideas about and writing activities for parts of speech, phrases, and clauses, followed by chapters on punctuation, kinds of sentences, and voice. The end of the book features 16 process-writing activities that invite students to use all they have learned about grammar in their own writing.