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ISBN-10 0132788500ISBN-13 9780132788502
ISBN-10 0136068545ISBN-13 9780136068549
Author(s): J. Richard Elliott; Carl T. Lira
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Copyright year: © 2012 Pages: 912

A deep understanding of thermodynamics is essential to success in a wide range of chemical and biochemical engineering applications. In this book, two leading experts and long-time instructors thoroughly explain the subject, taking the molecular perspective that working engineers require (and competitive books often avoid). This new Second Edition contains extensive new coverage of today's fast-growing biochemical engineering applications, notably biomass conversion to fuels and chemicals. It also presents many new MATLAB examples and tools to complement its previous usage of Excel and other software. New and updated coverage includes: " Integrated discussions of biological thermodynamics throughout " Clear learning objectives and outcomes for each chapter, provided as a web supplement " More examples focusing on the First and Second Laws of thermodynamics and fluid phase equilibria in mixtures " A new overview of mixture modeling concepts " Reorganized, enhanced coverage of van der Waals and local composition models " A brand-new chapter on molecular simulations " Expanded coverage of stability theory " Updated online supplements and new online teaching tools, including ConceptTesting

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