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ISBN-10 0132834359ISBN-13 9780132834353
ISBN-10 0132657058ISBN-13 9780132657051
Author(s): Ellen S. Amatea
Publisher: Pearson
Copyright year: © 2013 Pages: 432

For the Parents/Home-School Relations or Foundations of Home-School Relations courses in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education.

In the context of the shifting demographic context of schooling in the United States, this research-based text examines how families, schools, and communities interact to influence children’s school success. Amatea’s collaborative paradigm, first-person accounts, case studies, and self-reflection exercises provide a contemporary choice for courses in family-school relations.

Taking into account economic and cultural diversity as well as exceptionality, Building Culturally Responsive Family-School Relationships presents a collaborative approach for working with all students’ families to promote learning and resolve problems throughout the early childhood and elementary school years. The underlying premise is that teachers who embrace and adapt to shifting realities can work toward true partnerships between culturally diverse communities and the schools that serve them.

Grounded in research, this textbook balances theory and application by linking conceptual issues to practical methods in-service and pre-service educators can use—advising them how to take on the often intimidating, yet vital process of forging connections with families by describing specific culturally responsive instructional and non-instructional practices to build relationships characterized by trust, cooperation and motivation.

Amatea’s collaborative paradigm, first-person stories, case studies and self-reflection exercises set it apart from other textbooks on the market. It is an essential resource for all school-based practitioners, including teachers, school administrators, school counselors, and special education consultants.