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ISBN-10 0132876515ISBN-13 9780132876513
ISBN-10 0132620340ISBN-13 9780132620345
Author(s): Alexander Laufer
Publisher: FT Press
Copyright year: © 2012 Pages: 272

In this book, renowned project management expert Dr. Alexander Laufer leads an all-star team of practitioners and thought leaders in presenting a powerful project leadership framework. Laufer's framework addresses the toughest challenges of new product development: large, complex projects composed of many diverse, geographically distributed, and highly interdependent components; and organizational change, as well as the unique characteristics of repeated and risky tasks. Laufer reveals core leadership principles that are crucial to successful project leadership in dynamic and complex environments, regardless of industry, project goals, or stakeholders. Then, together with his contributors, he presents eight chapter-length case studies covering exceptionally challenging projects in a wide spectrum of industries and products -- from developing missiles to reorganizing companies, building spacecraft and dairy plants to flying solar-powered airplanes. Powerful lessons taught by these projects include:

  • How to unleash the power of autonomy and learning

  • How to adapt to change on a timely basis, and "give up" control without losing control

  • How to manage "no fun" missions in hostile environments

  • How to deliver on bold ideas through sheer preparation

  • How to learn --and unlearn -- from practice