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ISBN-13 9780133066265ISBN-10 0133066266
ISBN-10 0133066126ISBN-13 9780133066128
Author(s): Richard Hammond
Publisher: FT Press
Copyright year: © 2012 Pages: 240

The world's #1 guide to retail success, complete with crucial, up-to-date insights--including new case studies, ideas, strategies, and tactics from today's best retailers, like TopShop, IKEA, and Best Buy. Smart Retail incorporates several valuable chapters, including:

  • Opportunities to learn from past retail pioneers: simple yet effective strategies your competitors have forgotten.

  • How to use data to drive profit and growth.

  • How to do more with less, and maximize the value each team member brings to the table.

  • How to use new technology to develop highly productive, innovative "Remote Teams".

  • Covering everything from creating the ultimate retail experience to understanding the customer and the importance of motivated workers, this is the book that will equip managers, team-workers, retail entrepreneurs and indeed anybody who sells direct to customers, with practical winning ideas and strategies.