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ISBN-13 9780133090680ISBN-10 013309068X
ISBN-10 0321861272ISBN-13 9780321861276
Author(s): Matt Weisfeld
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Copyright year: © 2013 Pages: 336

Object-oriented programming is the foundation of nearly all modern software languages, from Java and C# to Ruby and PHP5. Its powerful advantage range from productivity and maintainability to portability and reuse. But to take full advantage of objects, it's not enough for programmers to apply rote techniques: they must master a truly object-oriented thought process.

Thousands of developers have gained that deep mastery from Matt Weisfeld's Object-Oriented Thought Process. Now, Weisfeld has extensively updated this solutions-oriented primer to reflect the newest languages, applications, and program design techniques. Through ingenious code examples written in Java, current .NET languages, and Objective-C 2.0, Weisfeld illuminates concepts ranging from abstraction to public and private classes. He offers deep insight into code reuse and framework development, and helps programmers build objects that work well with databases and distributed systems. New coverage includes:

* A revamped chapter on portable data, with new coverage of XML, SOAP, JSON and related technologies

* Extensive updates to the chapter on persistent data in networked environments

* An all-new chapter on web services and mobile app development

* Coverage of unit testing in every chapter, reflecting its crucial importance to object-oriented design

This edition also supports instructors with extensive downloadable instructional materials.