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ISBN-10 0133092321ISBN-13 9780133092325
ISBN-10 0133092089ISBN-13 9780133092080
Author(s): Al Lieberman; Patricia Esgate
Publisher: FT Press
Copyright year: © 2014 Pages: 368

Over the past decade, the entertainment industry has exploded in size: it's now nearing a trillion dollars worldwide. That's five times as large as it was when the best-selling first edition of this book (then called The Entertainment Marketing Revolution) was published. Everything's changed since then: new platforms, new media, new tools, new global markets -- everything. Now, Al Lieberman and Patricia Esgate have completely revised their classic guide to reflect all these changes, and help entertainment marketers prepare for the even more massive changes that are on the way.

The Definitive Guide to Entertainment Marketing surveys every major entertainment marketing platform: film, cable, broadcast, sports, publishing, social communities, electronic gaming, travel/tourism, location-based and experiential entertainment, and more. Reflecting decades of intimate experience as practitioners, Lieberman and Esgate: 

  • Explore challenges and opportunities associated with new technologies such as smartphones and tablets

  • Explain the implications of globalization in entertainment

  • Demonstrate new integrated marketing approaches that build synergies across advertising, promotion, PR, and social media

  • Preview emerging challenges that practitioners can't afford to ignore.

  • This engaging, conversational primer will be valuable to anyone interested in the entertainment business -- and indispensable for anyone seeking to enter the industry as a marketing or PR professional.