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ISBN-13 9780133092868ISBN-10 0133092860
ISBN-10 0133092569ISBN-13 9780133092561
Author(s): Dr.Linda Elder; Dr.Richard Paul
Publisher: FT Press
Copyright year: © 2013 Pages: 240

Better critical thinking can transform your life and help you improve every decision you make! Now, in just 30 days, master specific, easy-to-learn critical thinking techniques that help you cut through lies, gain insight, and make smarter choices in every area of your life -- from work and money to intimate relationships. World-renowned critical thinking experts Dr. Linda Elder and Dr. Richard Paul show how to overcome poor thinking habits caused by self-deception or out-of-control emotions... clarify what you really want... recognize what you don't know... ask better questions... resist brainwashing, manipulation, and hypocrisy... critically evaluate what you're told by advertisers, politicians, your boss, even your family... avoid worrying, conformism, and blame. Each day, readers focus on a specific thinking habit, learning practical strategies for achieving results and keeping a journal of daily progress. Expanded, improved, and easier to use, this new Revised and Expanded editon offers today's most complete and practical plan for using critical thinking to build a better life. It includes:

  • Five new "days" of critical thinking workouts, with even more powerful "life improvement" ideas

  • New illustrations and diagrams that clarify the relevance of critical thinking in real life

  • A practical new introduction to the world-renowned Paul-Elder Framework for Critical Thinking, and much more