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ISBN-10 0133345858ISBN-13 9780133345858
ISBN-10 0132337959ISBN-13 9780132337953
Author(s): Alexander Webb; Robert I. Webb
Publisher: FT Press
Copyright year: © 2013 Pages: 304

Smart traders don't fear crises: they use them as opportunities to make money. Shock Markets shows how to do it -- with exceptional detail, not vague handwaving. Robert Webb and Alexander Webb offer meticulously detailed breakdowns of recent crises, revealing how they impacted both individual stocks and the market as a whole -- and guiding traders in creating detailed game plans for profiting from future shocks. By fusing real-life trading examples with rigorous moment-by-moment analysis of price changes, they give readers the tools to survive and thrive in even the most volatile markets.

This accessible, actionable book answers crucial questions like: What moves stock prices? What moves the overall stock market? How can traders profit from understanding the catalysts that precipitate sudden sharp changes in stock prices? From the actions of corporate executives to regulatory decisions, earnings announcements to merger deals, lawsuits to settlements, macroeconomic reports to the policy actions of foreign governments, seemingly distant and unrelated factors can have a huge, sudden impact on stocks in today's interconnected markets. Shock Markets illuminates each of these catalysts, and demonstrates their shifting behavior during fads, fashions, bubbles, crashes, and market crises. The focus is completely practical: helping savvy traders uncover profit where others find only peril.