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ISBN-13 9780133357868ISBN-10 0133357864
ISBN-10 013290747XISBN-13 9780132907477
Author(s): Pam Allyn
Publisher: Pearson
Copyright year: © 2014 Pages: 320

About the Series:

Pam Allyn’s widely popular Core Ready Program gives educators a complete, dynamic, hands-on resource for navigating the Common Core Standards effectively, fluidly, and successfully. Using the information presented in the series, educators see how to take complex concepts related to the standards and turn them into practical, specific, everyday lessons. The books address the needs of all learners, including ELL and special needs diverse learners, and cover the uses of technology and new media.

Included in Core Ready Lesson Sets for Grades K-2: A Staircase to Standards Success for English Language Arts are:

The Journey to Meaning: Comprehension and Critique

The Shape of Story: Yesterday and Today

The Road to Knowledge: Information and Research

The Power to Persuade: Opinion and Argument

About this book:

The Journey to Meaning: Comprehension and Critique is a virtual “one-stop shop” for standards-hungry students and teachers. It’s packed with powerful lesson sets—check-listed as to how they meet the standards—assessment rubrics, support for ELLs and diverse learners, and tips on making high tech variations for literacy instruction for grades K, 1, and 2. Journey to Meaning guides teachers and students through three rich, dynamic lesson sets which focus on high-quality texts from diverse genres in the primary grades to foster critical thinking skills and help students develop the ability to dive deeply into a written text or an image, and uncover character complexity, central themes, messages and meaning, and point of view. The lessons sets are:

Grade K—A Thousand Words: Close Reading of Illustrations and Photographs

Grade 1—Getting to Know You: Characters in Narrative Stories

Grade 2—Seeing It My Way and Your Way: Point of View

The lesson sets follow a staircase model for curriculum development—every lesson set in every grade level builds on the other—and each lesson is based on the author’s structured Warm Up, Teach, Try, Clarify framework that shows step-by-step how to make teaching points explicit and completely modeled for students.

The Journey to Meaning: Comprehension and Critique helps cultivate students who think deeply about the meaning of what they read and choose and use skills and strategies with purpose and flexibility.

With this book as a guide student see how to:

  • Use quality literature as their inspiration to create their own fiction and personal narrative stories in a variety of literary genres.

  • Develop character, setting, and events, adding details and visuals to strengthen meaning and imagery

  • Write to convey their own point of view and that of imaginary characters in their stories.

  • Share their writing and thinking with others orally and/or using appropriate tools and technologies.