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ISBN-10 0133496368ISBN-13 9780133496369
ISBN-10 0133492060ISBN-13 9780133492064
Author(s): Clyde Anderson
Publisher: Pearson FT Press
Copyright year: © 2014 Pages: 160

Me, Myself & Money is written around the concept of discipline and teaching the “why” of money management in order to allow readers to change negative financial behaviors.  Each of the book’s four sections identifies a task for the reader to master in order to adopt a better perspective on money. 

The first section, IDENTIFY, will show readers how to identify personal and social money behaviors, messages, and images that shape the way they view money. 

The second section, FACE, will show readers how to face money attitudes, behaviors, and habits that foster unrealistic expectations, self-doubt, and money decisions that can lead to greater financial challenges in the future.

The third section, BUILD, will show readers how to build a strong foundation based on money strategies, techniques, and practices that set the stage for successful money management. 

The fourth section, CREATE, will show readers how to create a financial success plan that will serve as a financial life blueprint to help them document and execute their goals in order to have the kind of financial life that fosters positive money management, better financial decisions, and a willingness to strive for financial success.

Each section contains overall Thought Questions, Mind Changer concepts, activities, and case studies to help the reader put the new skills learned into practice.

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