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ISBN-10 0135012279ISBN-13 9780135012277
ISBN-10 0132343312ISBN-13 9780132343312
Author(s): Kenneth A. Strike; Pamela A. Moss
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Copyright year: © 2008 Pages: 288

A core text for courses in Freshman Orientation, College Ethics and Critical Thinking; a supplementary text for courses in Introduction to Ethics, and Expository Writing.

Using engaging case studies of ethical dilemmas commonly facing college students, this text gives students hands-on opportunities to apply critical thinking and a problem-solving approach to areas of life that matter to them. Topics covered include relationships, cheating, drinking, privacy, diversity, computer issues, sex, college sports, abuse, responsibility, and plagiarism. The text shows how five important ethical principles can be used to think through morally complex situations and settle disputes. It teaches reasoning and dialoguing skills that students can use productively in every every area of their college experience, and addresses topics that are essential to building personal character, healthy college communities, and a strong society.