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ISBN-10 013702228XISBN-13 9780137022281
ISBN-10 0132301288ISBN-13 9780132301282
Author(s): Barbara J. Walker
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
Copyright year: © 2010 Pages: 168

Literacy coaches, learn to transform every interaction with teachers and students into an opportunity for learning!

Renowned author Barbara Walker takes a positive approach to literacy coaching and explores the possibilities for teacher development and student learning in her newest book, Literacy Coaching: Learning to Collaborate. Drawing from her experiences working with both pre-service and practicing teachers, Walker discusses the importance of learning to collaborate within the school and during classroom interactions in order to increase both teacher- and student-learning. She presents literacy coaches and teachers with a step-by-step process, the "cycle of literacy coaching" for adapting classrooom instruction and outlines best practice strategies for implementation, including the multiple decisions that teachers make before, during, and after a literacy lesson. The cycle is broken down into three steps for ease of use:

  • The pre-conference--teachers and coaches decide on the instructional procedures, which student to observe, the coaching procedures, what aspects of literacy to observe, and what student work to collect. 

  •  Implementation--the literacy coach observes the teacher and the students. 

  • The post-conference--the literacy coach and the teacher reflect on the lesson and analyze what they observed.  This analysis and the interpretation of the classroom interactions is integral. 

  • Using a gradual release model, Walker explains the different levels of support that a literacy coach can use as they work with teachers.  She discusses coaching through modeling, “coaching in the zone,” and coaching for independence.  Finally, the step-by-step techniques provided help teachers and coaches determine at what point during the lesson instruction was modified to promote student learning.