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ISBN-13 9780137132539ISBN-10 0137132530
ISBN-10 0131721763ISBN-13 9780131721760
Author(s): Mary Margaret Kerr
Publisher: Merrill
Copyright year: © 2009 Pages: 216

Preparation.  Prevention.  Intervention.

What can you do to prepare for a potential crisis in your school?  This daunting question is addressed in Mary Margaret Kerr’s School Crisis Prevention and Intervention.   As a respondent to over 1,000 school-related crises, Kerr provides a realistic and detailed guide to approaching school crises at all stages, from preparation and prevention to intervention and recovery.  Following a four-phase conceptual framework, Kerr walks you through the planning and implementation of crisis prevention and response and provides you with the tools necessary to develop a crisis prevention and intervention toolkit specific to your school.