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ISBN-10 0205001130ISBN-13 9780205001132
ISBN-10 0205792413ISBN-13 9780205792412
Author(s): Christopher B. Doob
Publisher: Pearson
Copyright year: © 2013 Pages: 408

Social Inequality — examining our present while understanding our past  Social Inequality and Class in American Society, 1/e includes three core tools (historical scope, qualitative data, and a conceptual framework) to explain social stratification and social inequality.   The historical scope gives context to each issue discussed, and allows the reader to understand how each topic has evolved over the course of American history. Qualitative data helps explain socioeconomic issues and connects related topics. A conceptual framework serves to analyze the impact of capital types throughout the text, and map the prospects for individuals, families, and classes to maintain or alter their position in social-stratification systems. Additional theories and concepts help to further analyze topics throughout the text.

Learning GoalsUpon completing this book, readers should be able to:

  • Analyze the four major American classes, as well as how race and gender link to inequalities in the United States

  • Understand attempts to reduce social inequality

  • Identify major historical events that have influenced current trends

  • Understand how qualitative sources help reveal the inner workings that accompany people’s struggles with the socioeconomic order, which are particularly helpful in displaying the complexity of intersectionality

  • Recognize impacts on individuals, families, and also classes to maintain or alter their position in social-stratification systems

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