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ISBN-13 9780205252671ISBN-10 0205252672
ISBN-10 0205252354ISBN-13 9780205252350
Author(s): David Rothman; Jilani Warsi
Publisher: Longman
Copyright year: © 2013 Pages: 640

Engaged Readers are Active Readers!


David Rothman and Jilani Warsi’s goals with Read to Succeed are to spur developmental readers to become active readers and engage them in academic reading by fostering intellectual inquiry through an exploration of contemporary themes related to popular academic disciplines. When a subject matter piques the student’s interest–when the readings are provocative and engaging, when the vocabulary is made accessible through a focus on discipline-specific terminology, and when students have the opportunity to become active readers through expressing their opinions on controversial topics within a discipline–then the sparks will fly.

It is the philosophy of the authors that students more successfully master key reading skills when taught in the context of engaging readings. With this in mind, Read to Succeed is organized around ten academic disciplines, enabling students to build background knowledge of the major academic disciplines, while honing their reading skills. To further increase student engagement, the authors provide an unmatched variety of readings from sources ranging from textbooks to short stories to blogs. With an extensive coverage of vocabulary to the academic themes and variety of genres, Read to Succeed meets the needs of future academic readers.

A critical reading skill focus is integrated into each chapter, so that students can master reading skills in the context of engaging readings. Each chapter in Read to Succeed contains a “Skill Focus” section that highlights key reading skills, such as main idea, patterns of organization, or argument. The authors provide instruction, practice, and application opportunities to ensure that students have mastered each reading skill before moving on.

Throughout each chapter, the principle features are supported in a variety of ways. The culmination of the variety of features offered in Read to Succeed equips students for the reading and thinking expectations within and beyond their reading courses.