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ISBN-13 9780205614769ISBN-10 0205614760
ISBN-10 0205508944ISBN-13 9780205508945
Author(s): Gary G. Bitter; Jane M. Legacy
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
Copyright year: © 2008 Pages: 432

Using Technology in the Classroom highlights the essential topics related to using and applying technology in education, as outlined in the ISTE National Educational Technology student and teacher standards (NETS-S & NETS-T).

Thoroughly revised and updated, this text includes the most current information on the use of technology in the classroom.  Included are: social, ethical, legal and human issues including copyright, extensive updated websites in all chapters, early childhood, educationally challenged, emerging technologies, e-portfolios, podcasting, digital storytelling, as well as how to utilize each of these elements to develop and implement a technology-rich curriculum. The book covers all relevant technology topics related to understanding, creating, developing, applying and implementing  technology rich experiences for students and teachers. This includes the latest words and acronyms  that often cause concern for educators like podcasting, spyware, MUDs, MUVEs, social networking, blogging etc… Suggestions and examples are provided for you to understand these terms and their computer applications. 

The accompanying website includes Chapter PowerPoint presentations for instructors as well as extensive student resources, and applications that provide clear and comprehensive information to equip students with the basic tools needed for understanding and integrating technology into education.

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