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ISBN-10 0205648215ISBN-13 9780205648214
ISBN-10 0131945580ISBN-13 9780131945586
Author(s): Cheri J. Simonds; Stephen K. Hunt; Brent K. Simonds
Publisher: Pearson
Copyright year: © 2010 Pages: 360

Public Speaking: Prepare, Present, Participate’s student-friendly style and length, along with emphasis on media literacy and critical thinking, makes this a book students will not only read willingly, but also prepare them to get the most from their classroom experience. 

This new entry into the public speaking market, covers the traditional topics of public speaking such as: audience analysis, research, organizing and outlining, speech presentation, and types of speeches.  Special themes include critical thinking, media literacy (using analytical skills to become effective producers and consumers of information, communication competence [using knowledge, skill, motivation, and judgment]) and skills for becoming effective communicators in a democracy (demonstrating ethical communication and considering multiple perspectives on a controversial issue).

This new text is based on the comprehensive, award-winning 2008 NCA Program of Excellence teaching and learning program, for the introductory public speaking course that was developed by the authors at Illinois State University.