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ISBN-13 9780205652686ISBN-10 0205652689
ISBN-10 0205652662ISBN-13 9780205652662
Author(s): Joshua S. Goldstein; Jon C. Pevehouse
Publisher: Longman
Copyright year: © 2009 Pages: 224

Principles of International Relationsis a primer on the key theories used to analyze world politics.

The ideal option for those who do not use a textbook or who use a variety of readings, this brief, affordable, and highly readable book offers an indispensable way to anchor the study of international relations. In this unique new offering, Goldstein and Pevehouse introduce both canonical and alternative theoretical perspectives, ranging from realism, liberalism, and constructivism to gender theories, critical theories, and globalization. To provide a real-world counterpoint to the abstract concepts presented, numerous figures, charts, tables, and maps clearly and vividly illustrate major concepts.

"Joshua Goldstein and Jon Pevehouse have each made important and original contributions to the study of international relations. With Principles of International Relations, they provide a service to the field by writing a comprehensive, fair, and readable discussion of international relations theories. It's instantly the best of its kind."–Shibley Telhami, University of Maryland

"Joshua Goldstein and Jon Pevehouse have crafted a fresh way of coming to grips with the complexities—and urgencies—of contemporary international politics.  This is a gift to both students and teachers of IR."–Cynthia Enloe, Clark University

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