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ISBN-10 0205825966ISBN-13 9780205825967
ISBN-10 0-205-80671-6ISBN-13 978-0-205-80671-3
Author(s): Daniel M. Shea; Joanne Connor Green; Christopher E. Smith
Publisher: Longman
Copyright year: © 2011 Pages: 736

Everything about this dynamic book—from its engaging writing and examples, to its bold graphics and photos, to its innovative learning pedagogy and interactive assessment—is designed to get students to participate in their learning, in the classroom, and in all aspects of American politics.

Lead author Dan Shea, along with co-authors Joanne Connor Green and Christopher E. Smith, teamed up to write an American Government text that helps students experience the impact of government in their daily lives and inspires them to work to affect that government in return.  Written with the belief that the American Government course is critically important for our students—as well as for the long-term stability of the democratic process—Living Democracy helps students draw connections between course topics and current events and find a role for themselves in politics and government.

Now in its third edition, this attention-getting text builds even further on its message of participation and provides students with new opportunities to take a more active role in their learning process. Enhanced pedagogical features include carefully "chunked" topics based on learning objectives, in-chapter quizzes and exercises that promote critical thinking, chapter-concluding concept maps that visually tie the content of each chapter together and encourage students to engage in analysis, and Student Profiles of politically active young people from around the world that promote students’ political participation. By implementing cutting-edge learning theory-based techniques to engage students and help them retain important information, Living Democracy has set a new standard for how textbooks can help students learn.