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ISBN-13 9780321933737ISBN-10 0321933737
ISBN-10 0321927117ISBN-13 9780321927118
Author(s): Steve Russo; Michael E. Silver
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Copyright year: © 2015 Pages: 864

An atoms-first approach for introductory, preparatory, basic chemistry courses Carrying through an atoms-first approach from the first four editions, and focusing students on mastering the quantitative skills and conceptual knowledge they need to get a true understanding of chemistry, Russo and Silver’s Introductory Chemistry, Fifth Edition continues the tradition of relevance that makes it so effective. Now including MasteringChemistry®, the leading online homework, tutorial, and assessment product with a demonstrated record of helping students quickly master concepts, this Fifth Edition includes new opportunities for students to practice their understanding of key concepts. MasteringChemistry provides seamless synergy with the text to create a dynamic learning program that enables students to learn both in and out of the classroom. With Russo and Silver’s Introductory Chemistry, Fifth Edition and MasteringChemistry, you get a complete teaching and learning program that gives you and your students critical tools for ensuring a successful introduction to chemistry, including:

  • An atoms-first approach to chemistry: Through an atoms-first approach, used effectively in the previous four editions, students start learning from the building blocks of matter and progress to understanding complex chemistry concepts from a logical point of view and with a deep understanding.

  • Personalized, interactive learning for achieving proficiency of the concepts with MasteringChemistry: Self-paced tutorials guide students through the text’s most challenging topics; provide immediate, specific feedback and reinforcement; and present varied content to keep students engaged and on track.

  • An emphasis on core concepts for solving quantitative and qualitative problems: Students get a true understanding of introductory chemistry by using material that presents problem solving and comprehension as complimentary skills, rather than encouraging rote memorization.

  • Features that demonstrate how relevantchemistryconcepts are in students' lives: A number of outstanding features that show chemistry as a fascinating science.