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ISBN-10 0133352919ISBN-13 9780133352917
ISBN-10 0133352854ISBN-13 9780133352856
Author(s): Mark Woods; Trapper Woods
Publisher: FT Press
Copyright year: © 2013 Pages: 210

Yesterday's time management strategies don't fit today's high-intensity, fast-changing world. You need an approach that's faster, more flexible, and easier: exactly what you'll find in Attack Your Day. Mark Woods has spent years crafting this complete system for maximizing personal productivity. Thousands of individuals have already used it to achieve extraordinary results – in business, in school, and throughout life. Now, it's your turn!

Woods begins with a simple premise: you need to organize activities, not just time. Activities are everything you do, from answering phone calls and sending email to exercising and spending time with friends. You're always doing something – even if you're just idly watching TV or looking at Facebook. Building on this insight, Woods teaches five powerful activity management skills: Choosing, Arranging, "Flexicuting," Tracking, and Focus. Using these tools and Woods' 101 complementary productivity strategies, you can:

  • Dramatically improve the way you prioritize activities

  • Maximize productivity by performing the right activities at the right times

  • Make sure the most important tasks get done

  • Know how and when to "turn on a dime" in response to events

  • Overcome procrastination

  • Learn how and when to say NO to interruptions

  • Get more done, as you move relentlessly towards your life goals