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ISBN-10 0398086869ISBN-13 9780398086862
ISBN-10 0398086842ISBN-13 9780398086848
Author(s): David R. Johnson
Publisher: Charles C Thomas
Pages: 384

"This book is a comprehensive survey of the current state of assessment in the field of drama therapy. Drama therapy assessment methods must be embedded within the discipline’s core philosophy, and thus drama therapy will not develop fully as an independent field until it can generate its own assessment criteria and methods. Specific topics include: (1) history of assessment in the field of drama therapy; (2) concepts and practices of assessment in drama therapy; (3) state of the art in drama therapy assessment; (4) Diagnostic Role Playing Test; (5) Drama Therapy Role Play Interview; (6) Six Piece Story-Making Test; (7) assessment through Role Theory; (8) Embodiment-Projection-Role; (9) Six Key Model; (10) use of the Genogram, Spectogram, and Role Reversal; (11) Dutch Drama Observation Method; (12) Self-Space-Other Assessment Approach; (13) Adolescent Assessment; (14) Rehearsals for Growth Assessment of Couples; and (15) Combined Standardized and Individualized Assessment. The information contained in this book reflects the ongoing improvements and developments of the early assessment instruments and introduces others that have been recently developed. This book will serve as a foundation for both further exploration and new initiatives in assessment by the next generation of drama therapists.

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