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ISBN-13 9780470524725ISBN-10 0470524723
ISBN-13 9780470524725
Author(s): David Halliday; Robert Resnick; Jearl Walker
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

WileyPLUS combines the complete, dynamic online text with a valuable suite of teaching and learning resources in one easy-to-use system. It provides a very robust collection of high-quality problem sets, offering immediate and meaningful feedback to students, along with varying levels of question assistance. In addition to offering the end-of-chapter problem sets, WileyPLUS provides the support instructors need to efficiently and effectively manage their classroom and improve student performance.

* A Math Skills Module – essentially a Chapter Zero – gets students up to speed with a comprehensive review of the algebra and calculus required in the course.
* Guided Online (GO) Tutorials – these step-by-step tutorials, written by Jearl Walker, start with the key idea then break the problem down into steps, providing hints along the way. As he wrote these, Jearl imagined what he would say to a student in his office who was stuck on a problem. The result is a friendly, clear explanation that helps students along the way. The ninth edition features over 500 GO Tutorials!
* Additional interactive simulations, animations and video mini-lectures accommodate a variety of learning styles. Through the videos, Jearl Walker teaches students how to read technical content. Extra help material (not in the printed text) is available through hypertext links for those students who need or want it.