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ISBN-10 0470641304ISBN-13 9780470641309
ISBN-13 9780470641309
Author(s): Mary B. Grosvenor; Lori A. Smolin
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Grosvenor’s WileyPLUS course adds a complete solution for course preparation, with classroom-tested learning aids and presentation tools keyed to the goals and learning objectives for your course.

Complete with interactive remediation tools for students needing help with basic science and math, interactive animations that walk students through the toughest topics in the course, as well as teaching resources designed to address different learning styles, WileyPLUS provides you with a valuable mechanism for improving student learning and documenting successful completion of desired course outcomes.

* ""How It Works"" animations are designed to assist students in understanding the toughest topics found in the nutrition course. Each animation is structured to allow students to work with an animation, and then answer a set of critical thinking questions.
* Provides Video vignettes and images from the National Geographic Society to help students grasp Nutrition in today’s world.
* A learning styles survey helps students maximize their time and provides them with strategies and resources to help them learn more effectively.
* Create assignments by learning and Study Objectives. WileyPLUS allows you to track student progress on completing key learning objectives and create reports reflecting successful completion of learning goals.

iProfile 2.0, a dietary assessment software package, gives students the tools to assess their own diet and exercise habits and track changes that lead to healthier living. iProfile 2.0 is available only in the Premium version of WileyPLUS