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ISBN-13 9780739181393ISBN-10 0739181394
ISBN-10 0739181386ISBN-13 9780739181386
Author(s): Sean D. Foreman; Robert Dewhirst; Peter Bergerson; Margaret Banyan; Jeffrey S. Ashley; William K. Hall; Jeffrey Kraus; William Binning; Sunil Ahuja; Tom Lansford; Bob N. Roberts; Marcia L. Godwin; Daniel E. Smith; William Curtis Ellis; Holly L. Peterson; Joshua Stockley; Richard Gelm; Christophe D. Amegan; Kyle D. McEvilly; William J. Miller; Walter Wilson; Tyler Camarillo; Joseph P. Caiazzo; Kimberly Casey; Michelle Wade
Publisher: Lexington Books
Pages: 384

The book provides timely analyses of overarching themes (voting laws, campaign finance and redistricting) from the 2012 campaign cycle as well as case studies of important 2012 congressional races. Collectively the concepts and cases will give college undergraduate students a compelling narrative explanation of America’s electoral process and the keys to winning vital elections.