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ISBN-13 9781461642183ISBN-10 1461642183
ISBN-10 0-7425-0020-9ISBN-13 978-0-7425-0020-4
Author(s): Keibo Oiwa; Ogata Masato; Karen Colligan-Taylor
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 208

In this compelling oral history, Ogata Masato, fisherman and Minamata disease sufferer, tells of the devastation of methyl mercury poisoning. Spanning fifty years, his story describes the impact of industrial pollution on his own life, on his extended family, and on the fishing culture of the Shiranui Sea. A one-time leader of Minamata disease patients seeking certification and compensation, Masato breaks away to follow his personal path to redemption. Masato's story, larger than any one man or one incident, raises questions we must all consider as beneficiaries of modern industry and technology.