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ISBN-13 9780133133776ISBN-10 013313377X
ISBN-10 0133133710ISBN-13 9780133133714
Author(s): John Authers
Publisher: FT Press
Copyright year: © 2013 Pages: 176

Greece. Spain. Italy. Portugal. Will the Euro survive? Where is the Eurozone financial crisis leading? What will it mean for global and US markets? In this up-to-the-minute discussion, leading Financial Times journalist John Authers illuminates today's European financial crisis and the massive forces increasingly buffeting the world and US economies. Authers explains why a strong recovery remains far away, why the risk of a catastrophic "final" crisis remains terrifyingly real, and how investors can best navigate today's brutally challenging markets. Authers reveals why the 2010/2011 market rallies were so fearful, and why their underlying assumptions -- continued Chinese growth, bailouts, progress towards bank solvency, more easy "Fed" money -- have proven so tenuous. Above all, he shows how the Eurozone crisis uncovers today's worst unaddressed risk: the markets' loss of confidence in governments. The author offers profound new insights into

  • Underlying flaws in the banking system that remain even after huge bailouts

  • How the Eurozone's flawed structure is driving a new sovereign debt crisis

  • How cheap money and bailouts have bought time -- and how that time is rapidly running out

  • The increasingly frightening signs of "perverse synchronization": forex, equity, credit, and commodity markets massively moving in tandem

  • What policymakers can and must do now