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Removing the Roadblocks to a Digital Campus

This whitepaper helps de-mystify the technological, logistical and change management strategies your institution should consider if it's making the move to digital course materials.

Evaluating How the CourseSmart Engagement Index™ Predicts Student Course Outcomes

Read the whitepaper or watch the webinar to understand how CourseSmart Analytics was developed specifically to address some of the most compelling challenges in higher education: improving retention, controlling costs, and improving learning outcomes.

CourseSmart Analytics Pilot at Texas A&M University–San Antonio

In this case study brief, learn how Texas A&M University–San Antonio used CourseSmart Analytics to transform teaching, learning and institutional accountability.

Bringing CourseSmart eTextbooks to the California State University, Fullerton Digital Classroom and Beyond

From vendor selection to the design, rollout and implementation of CSUF’s eTextbook pilot, the move to digital by one of the nation’s largest institutions offers valuable lessons for others who may be considering digital strategies.

Make the Move to a Digital Campus

Learn from leading institutional CIOs and experts how they made the move to a digital textbook delivery environment using CourseSmart.

Make Your Campus Technology Platform More Comprehensive and Useful

Get an overvew of how CourseSmart integrates with campus websites and learning management systems and the benefits of integration in this white paper.

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