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No Web Connection, No Problem

Need to use your eTextbooks but don't always have internet connection? Good thing you can take them offline. Here's how:

online to check out eTextbooks

Get Online to Check Out eTextbooks*

Go to My Bookshelf and select the book you want to read offline.

Check out as many chapters as needed or check out the entire book to read offline.

*Reading offline is only supported on Safari 5.1+, Chrome and Firefox v.19-26 browsers on laptops/desktops, and on the iPad and Android devices via our free apps.

use eTextbooks offline

Use Your eTextbooks Offline

Bookmark the Offline Bookshelf at for quick access to checked out materials in the future.

To read offline, go to the Offline Bookshelf in the same browser and computer you used to check out your materials - no internet required!

check In offline eTextbooks

Check In Offline eTextbooks

You can have up to 5 eTextbooks offline at one time. We'll prompt you to check an eTextbook back in when you've reached the 5 book limit.

Refunds are only available for eTextbooks that are checked in.

Reading Offline:

What You Should Know

  • Reading Offline is supported on Safari v.5.1+, Chrome and Firefox v.19-26 browsers on on laptops/desktops, and on the iPad and Android devices via our free apps.
  • Checking out large volumes or books with multiple images, graphics, or drawings will require longer data transfer times.
  • An eTextbook can only be checked out on one browser and computer at a time.
  • Notes and highlights in your offline and online eTextbook copies will synchronize when you go online and sign in to your CourseSmart account.
  • Clearing your browser cache may make the offline book unreadable.
  • Printing pages is not available when reading offline.