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Tip: Bookmark this page for easy access to your offline books.

Only eTextbooks available offline on this computer/browser are displayed below.

To view all books, use your online bookshelf.

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Clearing your browser cache may make the offline book unreadable.

Where are my other Books?

Only eTextbooks checked out to this computer and browser are listed here. If you have other eTextbooks, you can always access them from your online Bookshelf from any computer when connected to the internet.

How do I add more chapters?

Your computer must be online to check out more chapters. When you are online, click on the My Bookshelf (online) link, select a book and click the Manage Offline Books button to select more chapters.

How do I get to my offline bookshelf?

You can view your offline bookshelf anytime at We recommend you bookmark it for quick access to your offline course materials in the future.

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