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ISBN-10 1627880542ISBN-13 9781627880541
ISBN-10 1592539025ISBN-13 9781592539024
Author(s): Gildersleeve, Owen
Publisher: Rockport Publishers
Pages: 192

Paper Cut is a unique perspective into one of the most exciting fields of contemporary illustration. With contributions from 30 of the top papercraft illustrators, showcasing their amazing works and delving into their craft, this book will awe and inspire you. Author Owen Gildersleeve explores why these artists love papercraft, how they use it and what makes their work unique. See their ideas, inspirations and process in 250 full color photos that includes a range of interesting textured colored paper stocks dotted throughout. See exclusive works from designers like Chrissie MacDonald, Hattie Newman, Peter Callesen, Kyle Bean  Helen Friel, Rob Ryan, Jeff Nishinaka and more!