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ISBN-13 9780135072998ISBN-10 0135072999
ISBN-10 0135007348ISBN-13 9780135007341
Author(s): Jeanne Ellis Ormrod; Donald H. Saklofske; Vicki L. Schwean; Jac J. W. Andrews; Bruce M. Shore
Publisher: Pearson Education Canada
Copyright year: © 2010 Pages: 448

This text recognizes that the principles of educational psychology have clear relevance to understanding, encouraging, and assessing learning, and to the decisions a classroom teacher must make on an ongoing basis.  How children and adolescents learn and think, how they change as they grow and develop, why they do the things they do, how they are often very different from one another and at other times so much alike—our understanding of all these things has innumerable implications for classroom practice and, ultimately, for the lives of the next generation.  Principles of Educational Psychology employs a unique approach to help students understand concepts, by encouraging them to examine their own learning and then showing them how to apply these concepts as teachers. The book concentrates on core concepts and principles and gives students an in-depth understanding of the central ideas of educational psychology.