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ISBN-13 9781452256047ISBN-10 1452256047
ISBN-10 1-4129-9221-4ISBN-13 9781412992213
Author(s): Celine-Marie Pascale
Publisher: SAGE Publications, Inc
Copyright year: © 2013 Pages: 368

In a global landscape the representational practices through which inequalities gain meaning are central —both within and across national boundaries. Social Inequality & The Politics of Representation takes a fresh look at how inequalities of class, race, sexuality, gender and nation are constructed in 20 countries on 5 continents.  It offers both rich insight and cultural critique—yet it does not offer a universal paradigm, nor is it concerned with debates about scholarship from “the center” or “the periphery.” The collection de-centers North American/European paradigms by placing scholarship from countries around the globe on equal footing.  Social Inequality & The Politics of Representation examines timely issues including: Muslim veiling in Austria; poverty among Otomi in Mexico; Indian immigrants in Uganda; race and class in South Africa; Romany rights in Serbia; the (mis)education of Kurdish women in Turkey; collective memory-making in Argentina; internet censorship in China; women’s sexuality in Nigeria; orphans in Russia; and transgender cultures in Malaysia. Readers will find a variety of analytical styles including frame analysis, semiotics, poststructural discourse analysis, critical discourse studies, and conversation analysis. Each chapter provides an overview of relevant cultural and historical contexts for an international audience as well as a brief introduction to relevant methodological and theoretical frameworks. Consequently, it is both a richly diverse and easily accessible collection.