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ISBN-13 9780133133875ISBN-10 0133133877
ISBN-10 0133133818ISBN-13 9780133133813
Author(s): Saurav K. Dutta
Publisher: FT Press
Copyright year: © 2013 Pages: 288

Fraud or misrepresentation often creates patterns of error within complex financial data. The discipline of statistics has developed sophisticated techniques and well-accepted tools for uncovering these patterns and demonstrating that they are the result of deliberate malfeasance. Statistical Techniques for Forensic Accounting is the first comprehensive guide to these tools and techniques: understanding their mathematical underpinnings, using them properly, and effectively communicating findings to non-experts. Dr. Saurav Dutta, one of the field's leading experts, has been engaged as an expert in many of the world's highest-profile fraud cases, including Worldcom, Global Crossing, Cendant, and HealthSouth. Now, he covers everything forensic accountants, auditors, investigators, and litigators need to know to use these tools and interpret others' use of them. Coverage includes: 

  • Exploratory data analysis: identifying the "Fraud Triangle" and other red flags

  • Data mining: tools, usage, and limitations

  • Traditional statistical terms and methods applicable to forensic accounting

  • Uncertainty and probability theories and their forensic implications

  • Bayesian analysis and networks

  • Statistical inference, sampling, sample size, estimation, regression, correlation, classification, and prediction

  • How to construct and conduct valid and defensible statistical tests

  • How to articulate and effectively communicate findings to other interested and knowledgeable parties