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ISBN-10 1284023125ISBN-13 9781284023121
ISBN-10 1449616305ISBN-13 9781449616304
Author(s): Jeffery T. Walker, University of Arkansas; Sean Maddan, University of Tampa
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Copyright year: © 2013 Pages: 594

The updated Fourth Edition of Statistics in Criminology and Criminal Justice: Analysis and Interpretation provides criminal justice students with a firm knowledge base in the theory and application of statistical analysis. A great introduction to the theory and practice of statistics, the Fourth Edition focuses on data collection, knowing which statistics to use with what data, how to interpret output of SPSS (an IBM company), explanations and demonstrations of statistical procedures, why procedures give the results they do, how to interpret the output of statistical analyses, and more. Each chapter has been updated to include new information on statistical output, revised data files, additional data sets, and extensive use of flowcharts to increase students’ confidence in analyzing and conducting statistical research.