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ISBN-13 9781118923948ISBN-10 1118923944
ISBN-10 1-118-53969-9ISBN-13 9781118539699
Author(s): John Elkington; Jochen Zeitz; ;
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Copyright year: © 2014 Pages: 272

Much has been said about corporate social responsibility, and most organizations already understand that they must realign their traditional focus on profit alone to measure results in terms of their economic, social, and environmental effects. What remains largely unexplored is this question: if the old ways are on the way out, what will the new economic landscape look like? How will this sea change affect the way we do business in 2020, 2050, and beyond? Tomorrows Bottom Line sets out to answer this question. The authors draw on their unique position as practitioners, authorities, and critics--John Elkington coined the phrase triple bottom line in 1997 and has been a thought leader on sustainable business ever since, and Jochen Zeitz is a rising star in the world of corporate social responsibility, having pioneered the environment profit concept during a successful tenure as Pumas CEO. Elkington and Zeitz set forth a compelling argument that it isnt only our accounting methods that are set to change. Tomorrows understanding of capital and value will be very different from todays, and a concept of blended or shared value will affect all realms of the economy, from stock exchanges and pension funds to boardrooms and C-suites, with sweeping consequences for all organizations. The book will feature the insights of over 50 major corporate leaders interviewed by Elkington and Zeitz, providing a strong pulse reading on our business climate, poised on the brink of a major turning point. All managers need to go beyond the basics of corporate sustainability to find a deep knowledge of the fast-changing world and how it measures and quantifies an organizations value--and how those changes will affect their organization. Tomorrows Bottom Line is an essential guide to understanding and anticipating the systems of tomorrows capitalism, markets, and businesses.