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ISBN-10 0077367618ISBN-13 9780077367619
ISBN-10 0073385654ISBN-13 9780073385655
Author(s): Sherman, Dennis; Salisbury, Joyce
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Copyright year: © 2011 Pages: 928

Connect students to Western Civilization. Connect students to better course performance.The West in the World's latest edition is breaking new ground for better understanding the history Western Civilization and achieving greater student performance. Its adaptive, mobile and interactive activities paired with its lively, mid-length narrative and vibrant visuals creates a unique teaching and learning environment propelling greater student performance and better course results. Through proven digital tools, instructors gain better insight into students' engagement and understanding as students develop a base of knowledge and construct critical thinking skills. The West in the World offers unparalleled coverage of art and culture as well as science and technology sets the stage and provides rich insights into historical time periods and events. The program illustrates the significance of economic, political, social and cultural interactions that shaped Western civilization while asking students to analyze the events and themes in order to build a greater understanding of the past and an appreciation of history's influence on the present. With The West in the World, students are no longer simply reading; they are reading, interacting, and engaging in a visual, auditory, and hands-on learning experience. As students uniquely experience the history of Western Civilization, The West in the World propels students to greater understanding and improved performance. Experience The West in the World and experience greater course success.