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ISBN-10 0077410203ISBN-13 9780077410209
ISBN-10 0073514209ISBN-13 9780073514208
Author(s): Wilson, Edwin; Goldfarb, Alvin
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Copyright year: © 2013 Pages: 448

In its outstanding eighth edition, Theatre: The Lively Art remains the best-selling Introductory Theatre text for Theatre Appreciation courses. It incorporates a number of elements in one volume:

  • An introduction to the audience’s experience of theatre

  • An investigation of the elements of theatre: the audience; the text; theatre artists, including actors, directors, theatrical space; and scenic, costume, lighting and sound design

  • A study of the important developments in the history of theatre Several qualities set apart from other introductory texts. A particularly important element is our emphasis on the audience. All students reading the book are potential theatregoers, not just during their college years but throughout their lives. We have therefore attempted to make an ideal one-volume text to prepare students as future audience members. It will give them a grasp of how theatre functions, of how it should be viewed and judged, and of the tradition behind any performance they may attend. In addition to serving as an ideal text for non-majors, will also prepare students who wish to continue studies in theatre, as majors, minors, or students from other disciplines who take advanced courses.

    Theatre: The Lively ArtTheatre: The Lively ArtTheatre: The Lively Art