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ISBN-13 9780199000111
ISBN-13 9780195432497
Author(s): Newman; White
Publisher: Oxford University Press Canada
Copyright year: © 2012 Pages: 408

Have the twentieth century's hard-fought battles over equality been won in Canada? Has discrimination in the workplace and the public sphere ended? Is there still a need for a movement focussed on women's rights and gender equality in the Canadian state? Should scholarship and activism focus more on women in developing countries than women in this country? The second edition of Women, Politics, and Public Policy makes the case that a movement centred on rights for women both at home and abroad is still relevant in the twenty-first century. Women's lives have improved over the past century, but the gender equality project still has far to go.

Taking a unique and comprehensive approach that weaves together feminist theory, women's politics, and public policy-making, authors Jacquetta Newman and Linda White argue that there is much to learn about politics and society when the role of gender and the impact of feminism is considered seriously. This core text for second- and third-year students of political science and women's studies has been extensively updated to reflect the most current debates, research, and data on contemporary issues such as same-sex marriage, Aboriginal feminism, Quebec feminism, reproductive rights, representation, and voting trends, making the volume equally relevant to disciplines such as sociology, history, law, and social work. An updated program of special-topic boxes, questions for critical thought at the end of each chapter, and an annotated list of web resources are new tools suited to both introductory and advanced studies.